100% LIFETIME Money Back Guarantee!

We've spent an incredible amount of time and energy seeking the finest, most durable materials and most able manufacturing facilities in order to make Gripstik the best it could possibly be.

The Gripstick works so well, we're offering a Full 100% Lifetime Money Back Guarantee!

If you're dissatisfied with the quality or performance of your Grip stick, just return it to us with the receipt for a full refund.

The full length is about 11.5 inches and the weight is just under one pound. The firm rubber grips taper from a 1.3 inch diameter to a 1.1 inch diameter. The collars are machined industial grade aluminum.

Screw in one grip in closer to the other to increase rotational tension or unscrew the grips farther apart to reduce rotational tension.

It is recommended that you check your Gripsitk in with your luggage. TSA has not always allowed this type of sports equipment on the airplane. It may get confiscated.

Care and Feeding of your Gripstik

After a few weeks of use, unscrew the grips apart, clean the threads with a rag and then apply any kind of common garage type grease to the threads, ends of the spring, and flat part of the two metal collars. This will help maintain the smooth action.

How the Gripstik is Packaged

The Gripstik is packaged in a very efficient 1.5"x2"x12" in cardboard container with a hanging tab store display. Concise instructions and instructional photos are on the container. View the PDF version of the Gripstik Instruction Card.


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