Using Gripstik Wrist Roller to increase your hand strength power

The four Gripstik forearm wrist roller exercises target specific muscle groups. Gripstikā„¢'s grip strength training program was researched by a professional strength and fitness trainer to provide the greatest benefit and least stress. One minute per step, four steps per day, several days a week will result in a noticeable increase in grip power, forearm strength, and wrist flexibility.

To adjust tension, simply screw in one grip a bit closer to the other grip to increase tension or screw out the grip farther away to decrease tension. Only set the tension required to be able to complete the full 60 seconds for each of the four exercises. There is no need to screw the grips extremely close together seaching for "max" tension. See the Warning below.

WARNING: Do not screw a grip so close to the other grip so that the spring completely compresses together. This will lock up the Gripstik and require extra force to unlock it.

Tips for Perfect Wrist Roller Practice:

*Concentrate on achieving FULL rotation during each twist of the wrist. Really go for the stretch.

* Watch the second hand of the clock. One minute...60 seconds is a long time!

*Adjust the tension so as to complete 60 seconds while getting your FULL rotation on each twist.

*Take a short break in between the four exercises so you can end up doing them all perfectly.

*Note that the in and out exercise does not require twisting wrists. Keep your wrists locked for this one.

*Concentrate on achieving FULL rotation durng each twist....whoops, already said that :-)

The Horizontal exercise is ideal for isolating and strengthening the flexor and extensor muscles of the wrists and forearms.

The In And OUT exercise isolates and strengthens the deltoids, triceps, biceps, upper chest (including the pectorals), upper back (including the trapezius and rhomboids), and the forearm muscles.

Note that this wrist roller exercise requires you to keep your wrists locked (no twisting) Go all the way in to your chest with elbows out, then all the way out.

The Vertical wrist roller exercise isolates and strengthens biceps, triceps, deltoids, and the flexor and extensor muscles of the wrist and forearms.

The Behind The Back exercise strengthens and isolates the flexors and extensors of the wrists and forearms and works the biceps, triceps, deltoids, pectorals, and rhomboids. Even though these muscles are used throughout some of the other exercises, the benefit of this position is that it isolates different parts of the same muscle groups.