One look at any MLB player will tell you that it all starts with strong wrists and forearms. If you want to be a great hitter, with greater bat speed and pop, and have more velocity and control throwing, you need strong hands and flexible wrists. Bat grip, fingers and wrists throwing the ball, snapping the wrists to hit, all require hand strength. This is an often over-looked area, particularly in youth sports. The Gripstik is a simple exercise routine that can be used by baseball players of all ages and skill-levels, which will improve your performance. You will feel and see the difference in your game, at the plate and in the field.
Tom Fitzgerald
Chicago, Illinois
The Beecher High School Softball Team has posted a record of 165 wins and 14 losses in the last five years, including 2 State Championships. The Grisptik is a great way of developing forearm and wrist strength needed in exploding the bat through the strike zone as well as the pitcher s developing more spin and velocity to the ball.
Coach Hayhurst
Beecher High School Softball
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