'I'd like to say that not only has the use of the Grip Stik improved my overall forearm fitness, it has significantly countered the development of elbow injuries which I was beginning to experience as a result of forearm muscle imbalance. Using the Grip Stik on a regular basis has helped to balance my strength and improve my competitive performance as a professional rock climber like no other exercise or therapy I've tried. Since I started using GripStik as part of my regular rock climbing training regimen, I have been free of elbow problems, have experienced a reduced onset of fore arm pump while climbing, and have ranked in the top ten in the female US national standings in my sport two years in a row. Thank you so much for your support and for a wonderful product. I recommend it to anyone who wants to improve forearm strength, flexibility, endurance, and overall balance.'
Brandi Proffitt
Pro Rock Climber
Brandi Proffitt
Amazing action shots as well as great rock climbing training information
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