'I have raced and won the Pikes Peak International Hillclimb eight years in a row. This event requires constant braking, shifting, and acceleration at high elevation. The Grip Stikā„¢ worked great for me. It conditioned the muscles I needed to hang on throughout the 14 mile race to the top at 14,000 feet.'
Davey Durelle
Pro motorcycle dirt track racer - 8 time Pikes Peak Winner!
'To prevent arm pump, my sons and I use the Gripstik before starting any event to loosen up our forearms. We don't want to go into the moto cold. It helps immeasurably. I keep it in my gear bag so its always available as soon as we're suited up to ride. It also great when you need some physical therapy to help recover from wrist injuries. My friends have bought several so they're always available.'
Wayne Fontanazza
AMA National Enduro Series 5th place
Thanks Gripstik for another great year of motocross racing here in Minnesota! Your product really works. I use it as directed before practice and motos to get the blood flowing. Arm pump is a thing of the past. I also use it during the week during my motocross training just to stay loose. 4 minutes is all it takes. I don't leave home without it.'
Douglas Stacklie
2005 and 2007 Minnesota State MX Champion 50+ class
'Welcome to Fast by Design's first AA meeting (Armpumpaholic Anonymous). My name is Smitty and I am an Armpumpaholic. They say the first step to rehabilitation is admitting you have the problem. Well since I am the only one here I will now stand up and say " I GET ARM PUMP".

Whew ! Now with that over, lets diagnose the scenario. If you are like me and have a daytime gig, you probably practice around twice a week and race on the weekends. Although you do everything you can during your motos, breath steady and avoid "Death Grip", you still have the Arm Pump monkey on your back. Well friends I have great news ! The FbD test department received an interesting little package about a month ago from Gripstik. Inside was a curious looking apparatus that resembled two motocross grips glued together at their ends. I know what you are thinking, "Another wonder product that will fall short of what I need to help me kick the arm pump habit".

The first step to dropping arm pump is to ride as much as possible. If you don't put in some track time during the week, arm pump is inevitable. If you don't get it you are: A) not pushing hard enough. or B) a freak of nature. Once you are able to ride at least twice a week you will probably notice a reduction in arm pump. The next step is to work on the forearms during the other days.

Freddie Spencer, a multi-time roadracing champion and dirt bike rider, suggests a broomstick handle, a piece of string and a 5 pound weight. You attach the weight to one end of the string and the broomstick to the other. Holding the broomstick you wind the string up raising and lowering the weight. This technique works great and from personal experience I found it helped reduce arm pump more than any other single exercise. Gripstick has taken the winding with resistance motion but removed the string and weight. Thus creating the unit we described earlier, the two grips actually twist against each other with variable force. The resistance can be adjusted by simply rotating one grip closer to or farther away from the other grip.

The Gripstick unit is very compact, in fact small enough to fit in the glove compartment of you vehicle, where mine is most commonly found. The reason for this is I usually use mine a couple times through the day. When driving to work in the morning I hit allot of stop lights, so instead of just sitting at the light staring ahead at the car in font of me, I do a one minute moto in my van. With about ten sets of lights on my daily commute I get a pretty good forearm work out. The second use is before I practice. After getting into my gear I like to stretch a bit before jumping on the bike. Between stretches I will do about 50 reps of the Gripstick to warm up the forearms.

I can honestly say that I have gotten the arm pump problem down to a manageable level. Between weekly riding and the daily use of the Gripstick I can run a 20 min moto flat out at most of my local tracks, something that was just a pipe dream last year.'
Douglas Stacklie
2005 and 2007 Minnesota State MX Champion 50+ class