'Season is going great. My current record is 3-2 and we have a meet on Thursday and a tourney on Saturday. I started the seasons meets 1 week late on account of absence. The gripstick is doing totally great and my wrestling strength partners can't stand when I use a full 2 on 1. We use the wrestling weight training room on an every other day basis so on days we do not have weights I use the gripstick. I am very proud of my last Thursdays matches against Blaine. I pinned my first man in a half nelson and a wrist ( probably couldn't move his wrist for a day after I cranked on it for half the second period) in the second period with 3.3 seconds left on the clock. My second match was also stellar with great results. I won by a decision 12-5. In the final period with 15 seconds on the clock I decided I wanted another pin and went for a headlock hip toss and put him on his back for the rest of the match. He managed to fight it though and I got back points. I have borrowed the gripstick to a few people in hope of them buying one from yourself but I'm not sure if they have. Sorry I haven't e mailed you in a long time but its been hard doing wrestling training, work, and school. Thanks again.'
Lincoln Kibsgaard, Wrestling
High School Varsity Wrestler