'Being an avid racquetball "junky" that plays 4-6 times per week, I'm always looking for new ways to strengthen my forearms and avoid injury. Imagine my surprise when I discovered I could accomplish the task in as little as four minutes! Involving myself in a regimented Grip Stik racquetball training program has not only strengthened my arm, but put considerably more "snap" in all my racquetball shots. I no longer have days when my arm feels "dead", and as a result, my overall game has improved significantly. My bet is that those who play tennis, squash, and any other activity involving arm fatigue can benefit greatly from using Gripstik!'
Larry Eastman
MN State Racquetball champion in Singles and Doubles
Racquetball Training For Success is one of a series of articles written by successful athletes and or trainers for Gripstik that briefly acknowledge the importance of work...hard work off the court or ice in order to accomplish your goals. These days, cross training and careful thought is necessary for all sports to strengthen all the "weak links" in your personal program. Thanks go out to Larry Eastman for this discussion.
Top Ten Tips for Racquetball Success:
  • Visualize all of your racquetball shots working during the match…the mind gravitates toward what you tell it to do
  • Use Pre-match warm-ups as an opportunity to scout your opponents…everyone loves to practice their best shots and not their weak shots
  • Don't "buddy-up" with your opponent…you can be friends after you win the match
  • Never give up during a point or a racquetball match…you never know when your opponent is going to lapse
  • There is no substitute for hustle, a positive attitude, and an unrelenting work ethic…on every point!
  • Never focus on the score of the match…only focus on winning the next point!
  • Celebrate your awesome shots with a proper display of emotion
  • Acknowledge poor shots and errors, and correct by focusing on technique
  • If behind, don't allow yourself to think about losing. A seed of doubt creates a mental cancer
  • Always believe in your ability to compete and win…and have FUN along the way!
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