'Gripstik is an irreplaceable weapon in my training arsenal. I am currently training for the upcoming North American Strongman Society contest season and Gripstik has been with me all the way! Don't try and build a grip with out this tool. I use it as finishing exercise. If you want to fry your forearms, this is the tool for you! I just reached a personal best, one hand dead lift of 310 lbs! Thanks Gripstik'
Joe Secord
Bulldog Strength Sports
'I'm a 65 year old powerlifter and current WABDL world record holder in the bench press. I use the Gripstik daily to build and strengthen my forearms for the bench lift'
Ken Anderson
Dallas, Texas
'I love this thing. My wrist pain that I have had while lifting weights for years has been vastly improved. I have not even used my wrist braces in the last two weeks. Awesome! Thanks so much'
john Broker
Edmond, Oklahoma
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