'I have been an bicycle racing athlete for most of my life. Over the years I have found that one of the most difficult cycling muscle groups to strengthen and one that is most neglected by athletes is the forearm. I have tried many different pieces of conventional forearm exercise but none can compare to the Gripstik in effectiveness.

During my cycling training routines, I use this product mainly to achieve an excellent forearm workout, at the same time improving my grip strength. My forearm exercise routine consist of 30 In-and-Out reps, immediately followed by 10 Arms-Out-Straight reps. After 3 sets of this exercise (near the highest adjustable tension setting), my forearms are super pumped with an awesome burn. Since May, 1999, I have used Gripstik and my forearm definition has improved tremendously. My wrist strength has improved to the point that I no longer use straps whenever I am performing heavy dead lifts during my cycling weight training. I highly recommend the Gripstik simply because it works.'
Colin Abrams
Olympic Sprint Cyclist