'I've been using the Gripstik for the last 3 weeks. I think it's really great for drummers A lot of times drummers have to use stretching with the sticks just before doing a clinic or going on stage The Gripstik really warms up the wrist muscles fast. To develop more speed and control there is no substitute practicing many hours with drumsticks but when drumsticks aren't available I think the Gripstik is the best supplement for loosening the muscles in the wrist and upper forearms The Gripstik can improve a drummer's natural strength in the hand and forearm muscles I think this is better than lifting light weight Dumb Bells The Gripstik works with just the motion of the wrist and the wrist automatically adjusts to the tension it needs without forcing This can help develop more flexability and speed very fast The Gripstik is ideal for warming up just before any performances.'
Art Verdi
Worlds fastest drummer
'I have used the Grip Stikā„¢ for quite a while now and find it a wonderful enhancement for my right hand picking strength and left hand dexterity. I'd recommend it to any musician.'
K. Frizzell
Professional Musician
'I took up the guitar as a hobby four months ago and I can honestly say that my progress has really speeded up when I started using the Gripstik. One of the biggest hurdles for guitar newbies is being able to make barre chords---those chords where the left index finger has to press right across the fingerboard while the other fingers make the chord pattern. After a few days of using Gripstick I had so much strength in my left hand and forearm that I wondered what all the fuss had been about'
Dave Klein
Quebec City, Canada