'An integral part of my physical training program.'
CB Bunkholt
World Champion Super Featherweight Kickboxer
'I give my personal endorsement to the "GripStik" wrist and forearm developer. It's portable, light weight, and durable design make it easy to get in a workout while traveling or if just relaxing in front of the television. The "Grip Stik" is built to last and believe me when I say it will work your forearms and wrists to the burning point and beyond. Thanks to the "Grip Stik" wrist and forearm developer I am personally enjoying the benefits that a stronger grip and increased forearms strength can provide a martial arts athlete like myself. I strongly recommended the "Grip Stik" to all martial artists, athletes, and anyone interested in strengthening your grip, wrists, and forearms.'
Mark S. Harrell
International Karate and Kickboxing Hall of Fame Director of Training Harrell Academy of Martial Arts
'I've been practicing Filipino Martial Arts for 15 years and although there is a lot of equipment out there for training, I have not found a good one that specifically isolates and targets the muscle group used in Filipino Martial Arts which are hand grip, wrist, forearm and shoulder used in stick and knife fighting drills, until of all people, my friend who is a physical therapist, showed me a Gripstik which he used to help rehab people with disabilities. I was amazed with this simple yet effective tool and now use it with my students in Filipino Martial Arts. I had it for 5 minute and you can feel the work out. I'm not affiliated nor work with Gripstik. Inc. but, it's just a good piece of equipment to use. If you use weights, its only working in an up and down motion, and you have to switch another equipment to use the twisting action, but with Gripstik it's all in one that is also portable.'
Ronald Manrique
Filipino Martial Art Instructor
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