We incorprate Gripstik hockey training equipment extensively for all ages in our Off Ice training for hockey. The 4 minute workout is excellent for forearm stability and strength, producing stronger shooting and stickhandling skills for every player that works out with the Gripstik. From the Mites through the Pros, the Gripstik produces the fastest results in the shortest time. Throw away the dangling weight and string-the Gripstik is a great tool for hockey all year round.'
Frank Burggraf
Burggraf Skating Skills On & Off Ice Training for Hockey
'Great hockey training tool for improving your shot, stick strength, and stability. You can really feel the burn.'
Curtis Brown
NHL Player
'Excellent for developing stronger forearms and upper body strength. Super hockey strenght training workout in only 4 minutes.'
Joe Day
NHL Player
Hockey Training For Success is one of a series of articles written by successful athletes and or trainers for Gripstik that briefly acknowledge the importance of work...hard work off the court or ice in order to accomplish your goals. These days, cross training is necessary for all sports to strengthen all the "weak links" in your personal program. Thanks go out to Frank Burggraf for this discussion.

To reach the next level of play in any sport takes more than just practice.

In hockey, there are many skills to master in order to impact the game. Skating is the single most important aspect, but forearm stability and strength on the stick are very important as well. In every game there is a battle between one, two or three skaters on the puck. The ability to exert power and strength over your opponent becomes increasingly more important the higher the level of play. A player needs to possesses very strong forearm strength and stability while maintaining a balance between range of motion, endurance, quickness and speed, all while carrying the puck, protecting the puck, or battling an opponent for the puck. Too many times we see young High School or Junior skaters coming out of exercise programs that focus solely on the weight room for power and strength. Unknowingly, they have increased their power at the sacrafice of their "fluidity".

Focused training specific to the puck control, shooting and stickhandling skills that employ the stick stability and strength is critical for a player to develop. Quick hands, soft hands, and feathered passing with control of the stick should be the goal of all young skaters to develop. The Quick Released shot, with a short delivery will give the skater a huge advantage in the scoring lanes.

We have found that the GripStik is unique in our developmental programs for what it offers the skater. The workouts balance out the need for endurance while working the muscle recruitment for the quick twitch muscle firing skills. It allows the extensors and flexors of the forearm to be targeted with the simulated muscle movements that hockey demands from its players. The Gripstik does not bring in heavy resistance training. Instead, it is specific to the requirements of the game of hockey and covers all of the needs of the sport.

To make the next level of play, a player must improve in all his weaknesses and improve upon his strengths. Their is not a lot of difference between most players at one level. It would be in the best interest of each skater to add or gain an advantage over the opponent. We have seen great results in our clients using the Gripstik. From the NHL down to the squirt player, all gain from specific, targeted training and the Gripstik is an important aspect of our ability to bring a skater to the next level of play.....

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