I was the 2000 Toyota Skills National Long Drive Champion. I used your prototype for the 2 months prior to the competition to help improve my golf fitness. It was much easier than the weights and old style squeezers and I won against the 23 other much younger competitors. I have also cranked my first serve in tennis up to over 115 mph due to the increased flexibility and forearm strength gained through using the gripstik. The Grip Stik is a must for all of us aging athletes to improve our golf fitness!'
Steven Meldahl
Toyota Skills National Long Drive Champion
Thanks John - the Gripstik is brilliant - I'm already hitting my iron shots with more authority after only a few days use! I only wish I'd discovered Gripstik years ago.'
Alan Winstone of Great Britain
4 handicap-age 60
'I am a scratch golfer who used to work as assistant golf pro at various private golf clubs in the South Florida area. I have always worked out with heavy clubs to stretch and strengthen the golf muscles. I have to say that after using your product for only about 8 weeks now; I have greatly improved my forearm rotation thru impact. Not to mention my clubs feel like toothpicks because of my increased forearm strength and, because of your product my clubhead speed has gone from a respectable 107 average to 112 which in turn has added another 5-10 yards off the tee. This is not bad for a 53 year old'
Mark Fields
Former Golf Teaching Professional
'I get tons of products to review, and most aren't what is claimed. However, the Grip Stik IS the real deal! I actually avoided elbow surgery by using it along with my regular workout routine. Even my doctor was surprised at my recovery from painful arm and wrist pain. I keep it on the coffee table and use it while watching TV.'
Steve J. Austin
Member of The Golf Writers Association of America